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Golden Cage Films.

Bringing you timely content and serving your video production needs.



We can be as involved as you would like in the development of the idea for your video. We will work with you on a concept, script, and structure if needed. We will then schedule, location scout, and prepare for the shoot completely. 

What We Do


We will fully produce and execute the production of the video, collaborating with trusted peers where needed. We own our own camera equipment, and will take care of any additional rentals necessary. 


As skilled editors as well as videographers, we will take care of post production from the editing of the video (working closely with you for notes each step of the way), to music, coloring, and sound design, all the way through delivery of the final product.

First and foremost, we provide video production services to individual creatives, companies, nonprofits, and brands in our local Los Angeles (or greater California) area. With the equipment we have accumulated and our experience in multiple areas of video production, we have all the skills and knowledge base to provide compelling and professional video services ranging from advertisements, brand videos, event videography, and any other artistic venture. 

Our second aim for Golden Cage Films is to develop and produce narrative and documentary films with stories that we personally feel passionate about telling. 

Basically, we are a partnership of creatives with a large range of skills and passions, able to produce a variety of video services to fit your needs, while also creating our own compelling content. Reach out to us to start a conversation and we'll be happy to work with you on whatever it is you're looking for.

We Are a Partnership of
Young Creatives

DSC_0213 copy-2.jpg
Francisco Lopez
Creative Director/Founder
Francisco's roots are in editing, where he has 5+ years of experience with narrative and documentary films, as well as ads and music videos. He also has a passion for photography, and as a natural extension, shooting videos on his own. After directing his first short film, he found an interest in developing and producing his own ideas. 

Meet the Team

Mitchka Saberi
Creative Director/Founder
Mitchka found her love for film when she started AD'ing for various student short films. She then realized her passion for creative producing, which combined her love/talent for planning and managing with her natural inclination towards creative development. Throughout the years, she has gained knowledge and interest in various other parts of the production process, including camerawork and editing. 

Contact Us

Reach out to us for project inquiries or to start a conversation.

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